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San Gemini Preservation Studies (SGPS) is an independent field school that is part of the International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies LLC (IIRPS) based at 203 Seventh Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, USA. The program has existed since 1999 and was originally sponsored by the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. We work in collaboration with other institutions to promote studies in the preservation of cultural heritage.

Courses are aimed at architects, conservators, librarians, planners, art historians, museum curators, historians, engineers, artists, and other individuals who will be involved in the planning, management, and study of cultural heritage.

Our goal is to instruct students, while performing field work that helps preserve the cultural heritage of the local area around the City of San Gemini, on the following:

  • Methods to analyze cultural objects, both in their physical and contextual aspects

  • Methods and tools for material restoration and conservation

  • Strategies for the preservation of cultural heritage

  • Advantages and drawbacks to restoration

  • Italian art, architectural, and landscape traditions

Programs are organized around classroom courses, field research, field projects, and travel to places of cultural interest in central Italy.

In the past year, SGPS established relations with West Virginia University, through which students participating in some of our courses are able to receive accreditation through the WVU Art History Department. For more information see accreditation.


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Polly Withers:Program Manager

By mail: International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies (IIRPS)
San Gemini Preservation Studies
203 Seventh Avenue #5A
Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA

By phone: Tel. 718 768 3508
Website: www.sangeministudies.org

Massimo Cardillo:Director

Nikolas Vakalis:Co-Director

Polly Withers:Program Manager

Sotiris Kourtesis:Program Manager