The International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies LLC, located at: 203 7th Avenue, 5A, Brooklyn, NY – 11215, USA, is an academic and cultural organization that promotes research and studies in historic preservation both in the US and abroad. It is based in New York City and has been filed in the State of New York (USA) as an LLC.

All information obtained on this web site may not be current or accurate and must be verified and confirmed by contacting SGPS directly.

The San Gemini Preservation Studies program may be cancelled if the minimum enrollments are not met. You will be informed of such a cancellation after March 15, 2019. Please do not make travel arrangements until you have been accepted and received confirmation that the program will take place. SGPS reserves the right to review the applicants and determine who will be accepted into the programs.

All courses include field work, field trips and workshops that may entail risk of accident higher than those normally found in a classroom environment. All students wishing to enroll in our courses must sign release forms before they can participate.