Shared Housing

Participants stay in apartments or houses that are available in the town of San Gemini. The apartments vary as we renew rental contracts with whatever is available to us every year. The conditions can differ, but all provide basic, comfortable living conditions in the historic center of San Gemini. These shared rooms are priced affordably at $600 per program and included in the total program fee.

Most of the accommodations are in medieval buildings that have very thick walls, which can keep living quarters cool on hot days, but cold on wet days. Most do not have air conditioning. All accommodations are within walking distance to classrooms and the center of town.

Shared Housing Includes:

  • Shared bedrooms that can vary from two to three beds

  • Shared bathrooms

  • Kitchens with basic cooking utensils

  • Laundry (washing machine and hang-dry)

  • Weekly change of linen (bed sheets and one bath towel)

Single room accommodations

Private rooms within a shared apartment (sharing bathroom and kitchen) is also available. The fee for this option is $900 per program, but the cost will also depend on the availability.


Meals and internet. In town there are several bars and excellent restaurants where students can relax and eat. There is free wireless internet available in Palazzo Vecchio, our main classroom and office. There is also free wireless available in the central piazza and in the 2 main bars/cafes. We cannot guarantee that there is internet available in every apartment.


Private Apartment or Hotel Room

If you are interested in finding out more information about other accommodation options for participants in our program, please contact Polly Withers at or Sotiris Kourtesis at

Please note that a 15% service fee will be charged for any special arrangements such as arranging for a private apartment.