SGPS is not an accredited university. Our courses are rated by units (equivalent to credit units). Participants receive a letter-graded evaluation and, if requested, an official certificate of completion ($20 extra fee to cover postage).

Participants that want to receive accredited college or university credit should apply to our program through West Virginia University (see below instructions). Many students are able to get independent study credit through their home universities and applicants should consult their student advisers to see if that option is available to them.


West Virginia University

In 2018, SGPS established relations with West Virginia University through which students participating in some of our courses are able to receive accreditation through the WVU Art History Department. You can apply online at their WVU Abroad page ( SGPS Session 1 and SGPS Session 2 ). The deadline for applying through WVU has been extended to April 28, 2019. They are also offering credit for the Intersession Preservation Tour.
The cost is $4,550 per program (not including airfare). This tuition covers:

  • WVU Course Credits

  • Lodging

  • Programmatic Academic Excursions

  • Comprehensive International Travel and Health Insurance.

Please contact Polly Withers, IIRPS/SGPS program manager email:, or Amanda Morgan, Education Abroad Coordinator for WVU email or Tel: (304) 293-7228, with any questions.

You can read about the experience last summer of students from WVU in the following article:
New GPS Program Teaches Restoration, Preservation in Italy


University of Notre Dame

Also in 2018 we began a new collaboration with the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture on a new research project: the architectural and structural survey of the excavation site of the baths at the ancient Roman city of Carsulae. For more information on this project please visit our page: Program F 2019.

For further information about this collaboration with UND, please contact Polly Withers, IIRPS/SGPS program manager email: