Tuition and Program Fees


10% Discount

Benefit from our discount on multiple program fees.

Apply for 2 programs we will deduct 10% from your 2nd tuition fee (a savings of $330).

Tuition to programs A, B, C, D, E and F includes:
Academic costs for the equivalent of 6 units, transportation during academic field trips within Italy that are part of that course, materials and tools (not personal tools), buffet reception, welcome packet, and final dinner.

Tuition for the Intersession Field Trip to Siena, Florence and Rome includes:
Academic costs, transportation, hotel accommodations and breakfast, museum tickets when part of organized academic tours, academic handouts and final dinner.  This trip is optional and not part of regular programs; students must enroll and pay for this program separately. 

Tuition for Programs or Field Trip does not include: Airfare to Italy, food, required insurance.

Deposit and deadline for applications due: April 28

Common Questions

What is the required insurance?

SGPS coordinates the required insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). This is not required for Italian or other EU citizens who would be covered by the EU health coverage agreement. The rate is $53 per month for all participants (you would need two months if you are planning to participate in the Intersession Field Trip, only one month for one program, and three months for both sessions).

For more information please read our full FAQ

Is Financial Aid Available?

We wish we had scholarships available but unfortunately we don’t. However, we’d like to point out that we are one of the less expensive study abroad options out there. Check with your university as some students are able to get financial support to attend our program. Also, some students apply for a loan from a financial institution. We have also had participants fund their trip by Crowdfunding.

For a list of other funding possibilities, please read our full FAQ

Are Deposits refundable?

If an applicant withdraws their application before the March 15th deadline, they will be refunded the $450 deposit but not the $50 application fee. Those students that withdraw their application after March 15 will not receive a refund of either the application fee or the deposit. Should the program be cancelled due to low enrollment, or any other SGSP decision, applicants will be fully refunded.

For more information about payments, please read our full FAQ

What forms of payments are accepted?


1. Print out this Payment Form, complete the bottom section selecting the fees you are including in this payment, detach it.
2. Include the form with a check* or money order* made payable to the International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies (or IIRPS).
3. Mail the form and check or money order to:
Attn: Polly Withers, 203 7th Avenue, 5A, Brooklyn, New York 11215.

* We accept checks from US banks. We do not accept checks from foreign banks, nor do we accept checks or money orders in currency other than US dollars.


Wire transfers must be in US Dollars (must include $15 per wire transfer to cover bank fees). This is usually how participants from outside the US pay.


Direct bank to bank payment (includes an additional administrative processing fee of 1%).


Credit Card payment (includes an additional administrative processing fee of 3%).

If you are interested in finding out how to pay by wire transfer, credit card, or directly from your bank to IIRPS bank, please contact Polly Withers.

Base Tuition: Programs A B C D E F

Academic Equivalent of 6 Units of Credit for 4 Weeks
Travel within Italy
Materials and tools
Buffet Reception
Final Night Dinner
Welcome Packet

Base Tuition $3,300

+ Shared housing for 4 weeks ($600)
+ Application fee ($50)

Total Cost: $3,950

Mandatory fees not included:
Health Insurance $53 per month

Tuition Intersession Field Trip

Academic Equivalent of 1 Unit Credit for 10 days
Transportation within Italy
Hotel and Breakfast
Academic Museum Tours
Final Night Dinner
Academic Handouts

Additional $2,000

Recommended Extras Not Included

Food (cooking) $7 to $15 per day
Food (restaurants) $10 to $30 per day
Certificate of Completion $20

important Notes

  1. All fees must be received in US dollars. It is very unlikely, but costs may vary from this estimate according to enrollment, currency fluctuations, or changes in prices. Final costs can be confirmed after March 15th.

  2. Personal tools: SGPS does not provide personal tools for students, such as: work gloves, safety boots, safety glasses, computer laptops or cameras. Please check the requirements of each course.

  3. Mandatory Health Insurance is not included in the program fees. SGPS coordinates this group coverage through CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International). Do not purchase individually.

  4. The “units” above are not university or college credits but are the equivalent in student work. Students getting credit from West Virginia University or their own university for participation in our programs may have extra fees to pay directly to the crediting institution.