Student Services


Student services

Our aim is to respond to the needs of our participants by offering the experience and advice of our faculty and staff, who are at hand 24 hours seven days a week during the program (and throughout the year via email) and available to address any questions or concerns a participant may have, including academic, safety, travel, entertainment, food, etc. We encourage students to organize their own explorations, however, we also organize tours, trips and other educational and fun activities, such as Italian film nights, community festivals, local dinner events and concerts.


In San Gemini, the day before classes begin, we conduct a 2-hour orientation and invite all participants and staff to a welcoming reception. The orientation is designed to help students navigate their stay in San Gemini as smoothly as possible. Issues covered in orientation include: accommodations, linen, laundry, kitchen, electricity, environmental considerations, trash and recycling, the classrooms, the office, class schedules, food, open-market, stores, restaurants, swimming pool, money, telephones, internet, public transport, local laws, safety, local customs and practices, medical services, insurance, etc.

We coordinate phone conference calls with participants and staff members a month before programs begin in order to review the program, travel to San Gemini and answer any questions.

We provide a travel logistics document that covers travel to San Gemini and other issues such as being a safe traveler, what to pack, money exchange, etc.

The first day of class includes an overview of the local history and a tour of San Gemini and the nearby ancient Roman town of Carsulae, both towns being integral to the programs’ field work.

Health and Safety Protocol

  • SGPS requires all students purchase comprehensive study abroad insurance from CISI.

  • Health and safety issues are reviewed during our orientation (see above).

  • Students are also asked to read and sign the rules and regulations and liability release form