Umbria Region

Umbria is one of the most interesting regions in central Italy. It is located on the inland side of the regions of Tuscany and Lazio and offers a scenic, mountainous landscape. Umbria has a very rich historical and cultural heritage.  The modern territory covers areas originally inhabited by the Umbrians, an old Italic people, and the Etruscans. It became part of the heartland of the Roman Empire and, in the late middle ages, was part of the vibrant city-state movement that brought about the Renaissance.

It’s a region where, from an historic and artistic point of view, some of the most interesting places in Italy are found: Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto, Todi, Gubbio and Orvieto. San Gemini is located in southern Umbria, between the cities of Todi and Terni.  From San Gemini it is possible to take day trips to most places in Umbria.


Is the administrative center of the region Umbria is a lively university town and one of the most interesting “Medieval” cities in Central Italy. Its origins go back to ancient Etruscan and Umbrian settlement at the beginning of the 1st millennium BC. though it is now characterized by its medieval city center.

Getting there from San Gemini by public transports:

1) FCU railway from San Gemini Rail station to Sant’Anna Station in Perugia be ware tha the first stop in Perugia is at Ponte San Giovanni ( do not get off there) then the train goes backwards towards Sant’Anna station. This is the fastest and cheapest way to get to Perugia. From the Sant’Anna station you can walk or take the escalator to the center. (about 50 minutes on train)

2) Take bus to Terni rail station there take the FS train to Perugia Fontivegge (Stazione Centrale). From there take city bus or monorail up to the historic center. (about 2 1/2 hrs. travel time)

Sites to see in Perugia:

Palazzo dei Priori (city hall)

Galleria Nazionale ***

Colleggio del Cambio ( frescos by Perugino) ***

Sala dei Notari **

Corso Vannucci & Piazza IV Novembre with the Fontana Maggiore with sculptures of Nicola and Giovanni Pisano ***

Archaeological Museum at San Domenico **

Church of Sant’Angelo and the city gate of Sant’Angelo **

Rocca Paolina, Piazza Italia and Giardini Carducci**

Epogeo dei Volumni – Etruscan funerary crypt (outskirts of city – take bus)**

Museo Capitolare del Duomo di San Lorenzo**

Church of San Domenico *

Capella di San Severo*

Church of San Pietro and Porta San Pietro*

Arco Etrusco and Etruscan city walls*

Duomo of San Lorenzo

Via dell’Acquedotto

for other attractions consult guide books

In summer Perugia hosts many of the concerts of Umbria Jazz.

Please consult schedules of sites and transportation before making travel plans.


After Rome, Assisi is the most important place of religious pilgrimage in Italy. It is the home town of Saint Francis the patron Saint of Italy. From an artistic point of view it holds some of the best examples of late medieval art among which the work of Giotto and Cimabue.

Getting there from San Gemini by public transportation: (about 2hrs travel time)

From SG take bus to the Terni rail station and there take FS train or regional bus line going to Assisi. From the Assisi train station take city bus that takes you to Piazza dell’Unita d’Italia. From there start your walking tour.

Sites to visit:

Basilica of San Francis (Upper and Lower Church)***

Piazza del Comune **

Roman Forum excavation **

Temple of Minerva**

Church if Santa Maria degli Angeli and the Porzuncola ( in the valley near rail station)**

Churl of Santa Chiara *

Duomo of San Ruffino and archaeological excavation of original church *

Rocca Maggiore (castle) great views from outer tower*

Basilica di San Pietro*

Abbei of San Damiano (outskirt of city)*


An ancient Etruscan city facing the Tiber valley it is known for its iconic Duomo, relics, interesting museums and its light white wine.

Getting there from San Gemini with public transit (2-3 Hrs) :

From SG take bus to Terni train station there take any FS train to Orte. (Most trains to Rome stop in Orte). From Orte  take a train to Orvieto which is not far however the train connections are not great and it can take as long as 3 hrs to get there. This is a case were chartering a van from SG can make sense.

Sites to visit in Orvieto:

Duomo and San Brizio Chapel ***

Museo dell’Opera del Duomo**

Museo Archeologico Nazzionale **

Museo Claudio Faina (classical ceramics collection)**

Tour of Subterranean Orvieto**

Etruscan Necropolis of the Crocifisso del Tufo **

Pozzo di San Patrizzio*

Church of San Giovenale**

Piazza della Republica and  the Church of Sant”Andrea**

Palazzo del Capitano

Fortezza Albornoz

Other Places of Interest in Umbria