Intersession Preservation Tour: Siena, Florence and Rome

San Gemini Preservation Studies 2020
Intersession: June 28 thru July 7 (10 days)
Locations: Siena, Florence and Rome

Program Information

A ten-day trip visiting Siena, Florence and Rome, the field trip includes guided visits to places of cultural interest, reviews of the urban structure and historical development of each town, and specialized visits to places of interest to restorers, such as research laboratories and active sites of restoration. Students will also have time do visits on their own. The unique aspect of this trip is the access to conservation centers and restoration sites that would be difficult or impossible to visit independently.

The trip is an intensive schedule of visits and tours that can include a lot of walking and standing. Transportation is for the most part on public transport, including buses and trains, in order to keep costs down.

This trip is optional and not part of regular programs. It is open to students participating in Sessions I and II and students must enroll and pay for this program separately.

IIRPS Field Trip Rome S. Ivo.jpg


Siena 2 nights

Florence 3 nights

Rome 4 nights

The program fee includes:

  • academic costs for the equivalent of 1 unit

  • transportation

  • hotels and breakfast

  • museum tickets when part of organized academic tours

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